Trust Bank Assistant Officer 2012

Instruction: For each question, select the words(s)/phrase(s) that appropriately fill(s) in the gap(s).

01. Life, as the film demonstrates, is too complex for _______ endings.

      A) superficial              B) intricate        C) straightforward

      D) occult                     E) None of these

02. In the days of the last owner, the stately home was run on a ________ scale; no guest left without remarking on the quality and ________ of food and drink.

      A) lavish … profusion                                    B) ornate … paucity         

      C) modest … plenty                      D) opulent … dearth   

      E) None of these

03. When he was young he________ ideas of becoming a doctor, however, he was________ by his father who wanted him to join the family business.

      A) harbored … backed                       B) entertained …dissuaded 

      C) produced … critical     D) repudiated … deterred    E) None of these

04. For several days she had a feeling of tiredness and general ________ and feared that these vague symptoms might________ the onset of something more serious.

      A) pain … indicate                        B) malaise … portend

      C) weakness … tender                   D) senility … reflect    E) None of these

05. Waste management is a________ problem for the modern city, a problem that is never likely to be addressed unless we change our________ attitude to recycling.

      A) growing … flexible                   B) minor … positive   

      C) trivial … ambivalent                 D) perennial … lax     E) None of these

Questions 6 to 10: Word meaning

Instruction: Select the word that best matches the definition provided.

06. A person who performs the art of making statues using clay =

      A) Mediator                B) Arbitrator               C) Sculptor

      D)Miniature                E) None of these

07. Incapable of being seen through =

      A) Ductile                   B) Opaque                        C) Obsolete

      D) Potable                   E) None of these

08. Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes =

      A) Elite                       B) Highbrow          C) Sophisticated

      D) Fastidious              E) None of these

09. The part of the government which is concerned with making of rules =

      A) Court                      B) Legislature            C) Tribunal

      D) Bar                         E) None of these

10. The piece of string in the centre of a candle =

      A) Yoke                      B) Wick                      C) Vane

      D) Tenor                      E) None of these

Questions 11 to 15 : Identification of the odd one from a list of words 

Instruction: For each question, find the odd word from each list.

11. A) Recalcitrant            B) Stubborn                C) Obstinate

      D) Pliable                   E) Intractable

12. A) Hasten                    B) Accelerate              C) Rush    

      D) Expedite                E) Impede

13. A) Friendless               B) Solitary                   C) Lonely 

      D) Introverted             E) Verbose

14. A) August                   B) Dignified                C) Venerable

      D) Esteemed               E) Corpulent

15. A) Intimidate              B) Formalize              C) Frighten

      D) Terrify                    E) Threaten

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