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Agrani Bank Question Solution (English)

Q. (01 – 05): Read the following passages and answer the questions given below.

Water scarcity is fast becoming one of the major limiting factors in world crop production. In many areas, poor agricultural practices have led to increasing desertification and the loss of formerly arable lands. Consequently, those plants species that are well adapted to survival in dry climates are being looked at for in answer in developing more efficient crops to grow on marginally arable lands.

Plants use several mechanisms to ensure their survival in desert environments. Some involve purely mechanical and physical adaptations, such as the shape of the plant’s surface, smaller leaf size, and extensive root systems. Some of the adaptations are related to chemical mechanisms. Many plants, such as cacti, have internal gums and mucilage’s which give them water retaining properties. Another chemical mechanism is that of the epicuticular wax layer. This wax layer acts as all impervious cover to protect the plant. It prevents excessive loss of internal moisture. It also protects the plant from external aggression, which can come from inorganic agents such as gases, or organic agents which include bacteria and plant pests.

Researchers have proposed that synthetic waxes with similar protective abilities could be prepared based on knowledge of desert lands. If successfully developed, such a compound could be used to greatly increase a plant’s ability to maintain health in such adverse situations as inadequate water supply, limited fertilizer ability, attack by pests and poor storage after harvesting.

01.   This passage deals mainly with

a. Desertification                                

b. Decreasing water supplies

c. Factors limiting crop production     

d. Developing efficient plants

e. Climate change

02.   Which of the following is a mechanical or physical mechanism that desert plants use?

a. The plant’s shape                            

b. The small root system

c. The vast leaf size                            

d. The high water consumption

e. None of the above

03.   Which is one of the ways in which the epicuticular wax protects the plant?

a. It helps the plant to attack aggressors.                           

b. It releases gases against plant pests.

c. It guards against bacteria.                

d. It helps the plant to retain water

e. It helps the plant to avoid excessive moisture intake.

04.   What is all example of an inorganic agent that may attack plants?

a. Bacteria            

b. Insects               

c. Gas              

d. Pests           

e. Fertiliz

05.   All of the following are examples of an adverse situation for crops except.

 a. Inadequate water                            

b. Insufficient fertilizer                   

c. Pest aggression

d. Proper storage                                 

e. External aggression

Q. (6 – 9): Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed in the question pair.

06.   Underscore : Emphasis

a. Eradicate : Destruction                    

b. Stigmatize : Confrontation          

c. Quantity : Assessment                    

d. Brand: Ownership                       

e. Log : Record

07.   Ostrich ; Bird

a. Caterpillar : Moth                            

b. Lizard : Frog     

c. Bud : Leaf     

d. Tiger : Cat

e. Gust: Storm

08.   Practicing : Expertise

a. Thinking : Logic                             

b. Writing : Clarity                          

c. Growing : Health

d. Exercising : Strength                    

e. Eating : Nutrition

09.   Forgery: Counterfeit

a. Duplicity : Testimony                     

b. Arson : Insurance                                

c. Embezzlement : Fraud                  

d. Theft : Punishment e. Murder : Life    

e. Log: Record

Q. (10 – 12): Choose the opposite of the given words.

10.   Ruthless

a. Mindful            

b. Compassionate  

c. Hostility            

d. Merciful       

e. Loyal

11.   Parallelism

a. Obliquity         

b. Contrast             

c. Disparity           

d. Divergence   

e. Similarity

12.   Endorse

a. Provoke criticism                            

b. Receive payment

c. Submit unwillingly                          

d. Oppose publicly                         

e. Perform quickly

Q. (13-16): Pick out the most appropriate pair to fill in the blanks in same order.

13.   It is for every tax payer to the tax return to the income tax department.

a. necessary, lodge                             

b. binding, pay      

c. obligatory, submit

d. possible, remit

e. worthwhile, evade

14.   The words of the mother comforted the child.

a. harsh, naughty

b. sweet. happy     

c. soft, energetic

d. melodious, playful                         

e. soothing. disappointed

15.   The great scientist himself with ability and moderation all the conference.

a. felt, about        

b. displayed, in      

c. disclosed, besides

d. conducted, through                         

e. presented, through

16.   In a world by men for so many years, women are only thought for jobs like typists, receptionists and teachers.

a. created, suitable                                                            

b. governed, qualified           

c. controlled, eligible

d. dominated, competent                   

e. ruled, fit

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