Bangladesh Bank 2013

Fill in the blank Questi0ns (21 to 28): –

21.   Lucky is to fortunate as weak is to _________.

        A. humble         B. obsolete        C. legitimate        D. fragile      E. confused

22.   The invigilator made us  _________our identity card at the test center.

        A. showing       B. show         C. showed           D. to show       E. to showing

23.   For an investor who _________money, silver or bonds are good options.

        A. has so little a    B. has very little    C. has so few        

D. has very few          E. have very few

24.   We wouldn’t mind _________.

        A. wait                  B. to waiting           C. to have waited  

D. waiting         E. waited

25.   Plagiarism is _________.

A. the art of writing                            

B. the science of human thoughts and reading minds

C. the art of politics                            

D. the philosophy of existence

E. stealing someone else’s ideas and passing them off as one’s own

26.   One should be careful about _________duty.

        A. his                    B. her                     C. one’s                

D. the                 E. ones’

27. _________of this room will be sold.

        A. The possession                               B. The position     

C. Position         D. A possession        E. A position

28.   While you _________in the garden, someone arrived at home.

        A. were working B. had worked        C. work                 

D. will work       E. will be working

29.   The synonym of ‘notion’ is:

        A. truth                 B. impression         C. faith                 

D. fact               E. actually

30.   The antonym of ‘native’ is:

        A. local                 B. congenial           C. intrinsic            

D. inborn           E. alien

31.   The synonym of ‘reprimand’ is:

        A. assume             B. rebuke               C. reward              

D. revive            E. remand

32.   The antonym of ‘preserve’ is:

        A. protect              B. secure                C. measure            

D. defend          E. ruin

33.   What does ‘doctrine’ mean?

        A. adept                B. counterfeit         C. brief                 

D. scorn             E. principle

34.   The correct spelling is:

        A. Pharmaceutical B. Pharmaceuticale                             C. Pharmacitical         D. Farmicitical             E. Farmaceutical

Choose the gig that best expresses the relationship similar to the first pair  (Questions 35 to 36);

35.   Antenna: Signal

        A. Net : Fish         B. Bread : Food      C. Story : Reporter                          

D. TV : Sound          E. Telegram : Sender

36.   Little: Big

        A. Easy: Simple    B. Quiet: Serene     C. Good: Better     

D. Tiny: Huge   E. Plain: Ugly

Which alternative best represents the underlined portion of the sentence (Question: 37 to 40);

37.   He is the black sheep of the society. –

        A. gentle animal    B. winner                C. bad character

D. lazy boy        E. strange man

38.   He kept his master in the dark for a long time.

        A. in closed doors                               B. in a place without light               

C. in a cool place D. in ignorance    E. in an exciting place

39.   Do not get upset about trivial matters.

        A. unexpected      B. unimportant     

C. unusual             D. uncertain       E. unsure

40. Municipal taxes are based on an estimate of the value of one’s property.

        A. an appraisal    B. a forecast          

C. a prediction       D. a an outline    E. a projection Aptitude

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