Agrani Bank English Question Solution Senior Officer 2015

bank question solution

English question solution :

Q (1-5): Each of the following sentences contains a blank space. Fill in the blank space with appropriate preposition.                                                                                                    

1.    We should not yield _____ any pressure.

(a) in                    

(b) from                

(c) to                     

(d) with

2.    He is devoid _____ commonsense.

(a) of                   

(b) from                

(c) in                     

(d) at

3.    My elder brother put me _____ making a prank telephone call.

(a) up                   

(b) to                     

(c) up to                

(d) onto

4.    Socrates was accused _____ misleading the young Athenians.

(a) with                

(b) for                   

(c) by                    

(d) of

5.    Happiness consists _____ self-contentment.

(a) in                   

(b) to                     

(c) on                    

(d) of

Q (6-10):       Choose the most appropriate word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.                                            

6.  These essays are intellectually _____ and represent various levels of complexity.

(a) revealing           

(b) modern            

(c) superior          

(d) persistent

7.  Success comes to those who are vigilant not to permit _____ from the chosen path.

(a) deviation          

(b) diversion         

(c) obstruction      

(d) alienation

8.  Sahin’s behaviour is worthy of ____ by all the youngsters.

(a) trial                    

(b) emulation        



9.  On his sudden demise, my emotions were so complicated that it was _____ how I felt.

(a) unreasonable     

(b) inexplicable    

(c) intolerable       

(d) unimaginable

10.  He is so _____ of his own idea that he will not entertain any suggestion from others.

(a) hopeful             

(b) possessed        

(c) jealous             

(d) enamored

Q (11-15):       Each of the followed idioms is followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses its meaning.                                                                     

11.   Castles in the air

(a) Romantic designs                                                                

(b) Ideal projects

(c) Fanciful schemes                                                                

(d) Visionary projects

12.   A snake in the grass

(a) Secret or hidden enemy                     

(b) Unrecognizable danger

(c) Unforeseen happening                      

(d) Unreliable person

13.   To blow hot and cold

(a) To be inconsistent                              

(b) To be untrustworthy

(c) Changing weather                              

(d) To be rich and poor frequently

14.   To blaze a trail

(a) To set on fire                                     

(b) To be annoyed

(c) To vehemently oppose                       

(d) To initiate or pioneering a work

15.   A green horn

(a) An envious lady                                 

(b) A trainee

(c) An inexperienced man                      

(d) A soft-hearted man

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