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Bangladesh Bank Question (English)

Q. (21 24): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

21.   Craven                      

        a. greedy                    b. generous           c. coward                d. brave

22.   Ulterior

        a. tipped                     b. sparkling           c. stated                  d. rampaging        

23.   Euphonious

        a. strident                  b. significant         c. lethargic              d. distasteful

24.   Laconic

        a. wicked                    b. verbose             c. milky                   d. fragrance

Q. (25 – 28): Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to make the sentence meaningful.

25.   The bureaucrat was _______ for his role in the scam.

        a. reinstated                b. criticized           c. indicted               d. identified

26.   He had to repent _______ what he has done.

        a. at                            b. of                      c. over                    d. for

27.   Not to ______ of milk, even water was not there.

        a. talk                        b. speak                 c. mention               d. discuss

28.   He is usually calm, but today he appears rather _________.

        a. disturbed                b. restless              c. unwell                 d. ill

Q. (29 – 32): In each of the following questions, there are four different spelling of a common word. Choose the correct one.

29.   a. Amature                 b. Amatuer            c. Ametuer              d. Amateur

30.   a. Borucracy              b. Bureaucracy    c. Burocracy           d. Bureaucrasy

31.   a. Lisense                   b. Lisence             c. License               d. Licence

32.   a. Diaroea                  b. Diarhorea          c. Diarroea              d. Diarrhoea

Q (33-36): For each question, there are four alternative, Choose the one which can be best substituted for the given words.

33.   A speech made without preparation-

        a. Prepared                 b. Debate              c. Extempore         d. Elocution

34.   A sneering person who always finds faults-

        a. Cynic                     b. Cupid                c. Kleptomaniac     d. Crone

35.   An instrument for measuring the force of the wind-

        a. Manometer           b. Micrometer       c. Hydrometer        d. Anemometer

36.   A short journey for pleasure-

        a. Jaunt                     b. Voyage             c. Travelling           d. Walking

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