Agrani Bank Question Solution Officer Cash English 2015

bank question solution

Q (1-15) : Each of the following sentence contains a blank space. Fill in the blank space with appropriate preposition.

01.    I am angry with him _________ his carelessness.

a. at                         

b. in                     

c. for                      

d. of

02.    There is no exception _______ this rule.

a. in                         

b. to                     

c. for                      

d. about

03.    Exercise is beneficial _______ health.

a. to                         

b. for                    

c. about                  

d. in

04.    The man robbed me _______ my possessions.

a. on                        

b. from                 

c. with                    

d. of

05.    Soldiers rebelled __________ the king.

a. against                

b. to                     

c. on                       

d. with

Choose the word similar in meaning to the given word. (6-10)

06.    Aromatic

a. crippled                

b. sentimental       

c. stinking              

d. fragrant

07.    Nostalgic

a. indolent                

b. homesick         

c. diseased             

d. soothing

08.    Sporadic

a. whirling                

b. epidemic          

c. Occasional         

d. stagnant

09.    Docile

a. vague                   

b. stupid               

c. stubborn             

d. gentle

10.    Erotic

a. wandering           

b. mistaken          

c. amorous             

d. difficult

Choose the most appropriate word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

11.    He is too _________ to be deceived easily.

a. honest                  

b. strong               

c. intelligent                

d. kind

12.    He is the friend __________ I trust most.

a. whom                  

b. him                  

c. which                      

d. who

13.    The man sold the property because he was under a lot of ______.

a. Credit                       

b. loan                  

c. deposit                     

d. withdraw

14.    My friend took his first pay to the bank to _______ it in his account.

a. deposit                 

b. advance           

c. debit                        

d. withdraw

15.    Karim bought new shoes in the last month but they were already ______ out.

a. gone                     

b. given                

c. worn                       

d. knocked

Choose the one which can be substituted for the given expression. (16-20)

16.    A book written in hand.

a. Handwritten         

b. Manuscript      

c. Edition                     

d. Draft

17.    A place where money is coined.

a. Mint                     

b. Press                

c. Treasury                 

d. Bank

18.    A professional rider in horse races.

a. Rider                    

b. Horse courser   

c. Jockey                     

d. Coach

19.    A insect with many legs is called.

a. Centipede            

b. Mammal           

c. Herbivorous             

d. Vertebrate

20.    The first speech of a person.

a. Opener                 

b. Preface             

c. Maiden                    

d. Extempore

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