Agrani Bank Officer Cash Bank Question Solution 2015

bank question solution

Bank question solution (English Pardt)

Q (1-5): Each of the following sentences contains a blank space. Fill in the blank space with appropriate preposition.

1.      I am not good _____ translation.

(a) in                        

(b) about               

(c) with                 

(d) at

2.      He has been ill _____ Friday last.

(a) in                        

(b) since                

(c) from                

(d) on

3.      The man died _____ overeating.

(a) by                       

(b) of                    

(c) from                

(d) for

4.      I count _____ your help.

(a) after                    

(b) upon                

(c) for                   

(d) with

5.      Now a days many villages are lit _____ electricity.

(a) with                    

(b) by                    

(c) from                

(d) on

Q (6-10): Choose the most appropriate word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

6.      Does he enjoy _________ ?

(a) to play tennis                                    

(b) to playing tennis

(c) himself to play tennis                       

(d) playing tennis

7.      They have no house to _________ .

(a) live                     

(b) live for            

(c) live in              

(d) live on

8.      It is half past eight _________ .

(a) in my watch        

(b) by my watch   

(c) on watch         

(d) with my watch

9.      So quickly ________ he reached on time.

(a) he ran that          

(b) would be run that 

(c) he ran as    

(d) did he run that

10.    The situation ________ .

(a) continued to be paralyzed                

(b) continued to be paralyzing

(c) continued paralyzed                         

(d) paralyzed continued

Q (11-15): In each of the following questions, there are four different spelling of a common word. Choose the correct one. 

11.    (a) Amature              (b) Amatuer           (c) Ametuer           (d) Amateur

12.    (a) Exempsion          (b) Exemption        (c) Examption        (d) Exumption

13.    (a) Tution                  (b) Tusion              (c) Tuition             (d) Tuision

14.    (a) Diaroea                (b) Diarhorea         (c) Diarroea           (d) Diarrhoea

15.    (a) Jewellery            (b) Jewllary            (c) Jewellary          (d) Jeuellary

Q (16-20): Choose the one which can be substituted for the given expression. 

16.    A process involving too much official formality-

(a) Nepotism           

(b) Diplomacy      

(c) Red-tapism      

(d) Bureaucracy

17.    A person who is always dissatisfied-

(a) Malcontent        

(b) Felon               

(c) Heretic             

(d) Surrogate

18.    A child of unusual or remarkable talent-

(a) Freak                  

(b) Marvel             

(c) Fraud               

(d) Prodigy

19.    A person without manners or polish-

(a) Barbarian            

(b) Boorish           

(c) Naive               

(d) Rustic

20.    One who cannot die-

(a) Timeless             

(b) Perpetual         

(c) Immortal        

(d) Stable

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