Bangladesh Krishi Bank Question Solution 2015

bank question solution

English question solution:

01.    The novel’s protagonist, a pearl diver, naively expects that the buyers will compete among themselves to pay him the best price for his pearl, but instead they ________ to ________ him.

a. venture, reward                                              

b. pretend, praise        

c. conspire, reimburse                

d. refuse, cheat                                               

e. collude, swindle      

02.    Members of the research team were initially so adversarial that ______ seemed impossible; the project’s inauspicious start made its final success all the more ______.

a. concentration, incidental        

b. disagreement, incongruous

c. collaboration, predictable       

d. hostility, dazzling                

e. cooperation, remarkable

03.    The president has a _______ of _________ around him when he makes public appearances.

a. catalyst, individuals               

b. barrier, contrast                               

c. hedge, protection

d. derrick, protection                 

e. derrick, limits

04.    Because King Philip’s desire to make Spain the dominant power in sixteenth-century Europe ran counter to Queen Elizabeth’s insistence on autonomy for England, _________ was __________.

a. reconciliation, assured           

b. warfare, avoidable            

c. ruination, impossible

d. conflict, inevitable                

e. diplomacy, simple

05.    Notwithstanding the actor’s __________ reception from adoring film makers, those close to him, familiar with his myriad shortcomings, treated him as someone hardly worthy of ________.

a. ceremonial, contempt             

b. grand, consideration         

c. idolatrous, exaltation

d. superb, success                                              

e. fabulous, feat

Questions 6 to 11: Choose the most appropriate word which can be best substitute for the given sentence.

06.    A drawing on transparent paper.

a. Blue print       

b. Red print     

c. Transparency                    

d. Negative                

e. None

07.    In a state of tension or anxiety or suspense.

a. Off balance                            

b. Depressed                           

c. On tenterhooks

d. Diffused                                

d. None

08.    An expression of mild disapproval.

a. Reproof         

b. Warning      

c. Impertinence                       

d. Denigration 

d. None

09.    Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool.

a. Imbecility       

b. Senility       

c. Superannuation 

d. Dotage             

d. None

10.    A person who insists on something.

a. Disciplinarian 

b. Stickler       

c. Instantaneous 

d. Boaster                

d. None

11.    One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness?

 a. Egoist               

b. Fatalist      

c. Stoic            

d. Cynic                      

e. None

Questions 12 to 16: in each question, choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given word.


a. irreligious       

b. Unethical    

c. Irreverent    

d. Unholy                   

e. None


a. Resentment    

b. Dubiousness                       

c. Excitement 

d. Supercilious

e. None


a. Aggressive                             

b. Straightforward                   

c. Dignified     

d. Supercilious                           

e. None


a. Innocent        

b. Vapid          

c. Ignorant      

d. Frivolous                

e. None

16.    HIRSUTE

a. Scaly              

b. Bald            

c. Erudite        

d. Quiet                       

e. None

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