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English Part Solution

Direction: Select from the answer choices given under each sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct (1 – 5) :

1.     Please vote for the member ________ has done the most for our village.

a. whom you believe   

b. who you believed     

c. that you believe           

d. who you believe

2.     The decoration of the new office block, including the furniture and curtains, ____.

a. is more pleasing       

b. are more pleasing     

c. is most pleasing          

d. have most pleasing

3.     The chief competitor, as well as ourselves, ______ prices this summer.

a. are obliged in rising

b. is obliged to rising     

c. are obliged to raise      

d. is obliged to raise

4.     Neither the salesmen nor the marketing manager _____ of the system.

a. is favouring              

b. is in favour               

c. are in favour                 

d. are for favour

5.     On the results of the survey _____ and  type of campaign, we shall wage.

a. depends the extent  

b. depend the extent    

c. depending the extent  

d. depend the extend

Direction: Select from the alternatives, the word that conveys the same meaning as the word given in capital letters (6 – 10):

6.     BUCOLIC

a. quite                  

b. simple               

c. hidebound        

d. rural

7.     ERRANT

a. sinful                 

b. unreliable         

c. shifting             

d. confusing 

8.     KNOTTY

a. terrible              

b. mysterious      

c. confusing         

d. difficult


a. verify               

b. refute                

c. disprove            

d. disapprove


a. deligate             

b. evaluate           

c. criticise            

d. enforce

Direction: Select the word or phrase that is most closely opposite in meaning to the capitalized word (11 – 15):


a. abolish              

b. confuse            

c. compile            

d. darken


a. wayward          

b. abstinent          

c. bleak                 

d. easygoing


a. joined               

b. obscure             

c. gregarious      

d. urban


a. capacious        

b. vicious              

c. connected        

d. usual


a. legal                  

b. severe               

c. cursive       

d. harmonious

Direction: Choose the pair that best expresses the relationship existing between the given pair (16 – 20):

16.  Harm : Damage

a. sweet : sour              

b. stout : weak             

c. injure : incapacitate

d. hook : crook

17.  Contradict : Contravene 

a. deny : refute           

b. confuse : satisfy     

c. compensate : damage           

d. profane : vulgarity

18.  Biased : Partial

a. partisan : prejudiced  

b. built-in : included 

c. axle : wheel              

d. leaning : yield

19.  Blurred : Confused

a. muddled : unclear

b. dangerous : adequate  

c. scam : clarity        

d. abatement : significant

20.  Deprecate : Credit

a. enhance : disparage

b. bait : heckle          

c. unfair : biased             

d. discourage : force

Direction : Choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given italicized idiom/phrase (21 – 25):

21.  His most trusted friend proved to be a snake in the grass.

a. an unreliable person                                      

b. a hidden enemy

c. low and mean                                                 

d. cowardly and brutal

22.  I have a bone to pick with you in this matter.

a. am angry                

b. selfish motive          

c. selfless motive         

d. desire

23.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

a. enjoy for ever                                                 

b. enjoy without payment

c. have it both ways                                           

d. absolve yourself of guilt

24.  So far as hazards of pollution are concerned, the traffic policeman bear the brunt.

a. suffer the most                                               

b. are exposed to the danger

c. face the consequences                                  

d. have to run the risk

25.  Sunita has bitten of more than she can chew.

a. over and above                                              

b. beyond her capacity              

c. trying to do too much                                   

d. bad fall

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