Bangladesh Krishi Bank BKB Question Solution 2015

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Bangladesh Krishi Bank BKB Question Solution (English)

Questions 6 to 11: In each question, pick up the word which is the closest in meaning as the underlined word and can replace it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

06. Whatever opinion he gives is sane.

a. rational

b. obscure

c. wild

d. arrogant

e. none

07. The great artist’s life was full of vicissitudes.

a. sorrows

b. misfortunes

c. changes

d. surprises

e. None

08. The visitor had a bohemian look.

a. hostile

b. unconventional

c. sinister

d. unfriendly

e. none

09. He has a propensity for getting into debt.

a. natural tendency

b. aptitude

c. characteristic

d. intoxicated

e. None

11. The story is too fantastic to be credible.

a. believable

b. false

c. readable

d. praiseworthy

e. None

Questions 12 to 16: Fill in the gap with the most appropriate word/phrase.

12. Though less celebrated, Platini was more _______ than Zidane: to Zidane’s 31 goals for France, Platini scored 41.

a. gifted

b. prolific

c. structured

d. talented

e. None

13. Considering how long you have been waiting for this news, your reaction is very ____.

a. meditative

b. confusing

c. tepid

d. categorical

e. None

14. Adopting _____ tone, the preacher proceeded to deliver his standard fire and brimstone sermon.

a. an agnostic

b. an oracular

c. a sacrilegious

d. an empirical

e. None

15. In the movie, the warlock’s laugh was heard but the audiences were affrighted by its _____ quality.

a. puerile

b. nonchalant

c. sardonic

d. voluptuous

e. None

16. How those rotund individuals envy people who are satisfied with alight _____ of simple but nourishing food.

a. gourmand

b. condiment

c. piquant

d. repast

e. None

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