House Building Finance Corporation Question Solution 2015

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House Building Finance Corporation Question Solution (English)

Questions 1 – 6: Fill in the Blanks

Instruction: For each question, select the word/phrase that appropriately fills in the gap.

1. Although Rajib is _________ for public office, he is not willing to accept the dictates of bosses.

a. psychopathetic

b. aspirant

c. animated

d. estranged

e. None of these

2. She offered a _________ of excuses for her shortcomings.

a. somber

b. plethora

c. officious

d. delineate

e. None of these

3. French _________ is noted for its use of special sauces.

a. cuisine

b. dilettante

c. multiplicity

d. subsidiary

e. None of these

4. Because of her hatred of the family, she _________ all who are friendly to them.

a. strut

b. dispassionate

c. malign

d. vitriolic

e. None of these

5. The content of philosophical works is _________ in nature and requires much thought.

a. decapitate

b. cerebral

c. verve

d. renounce

e. None of these

6. Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage countless get-rich-quick schemes to _________.

a. proliferate

b. remiss

c. stupefy

d. synoptic

e. None of these

Questions 7 to 12: Select the word/phrase that is/are closest in meaning to the word(s) underlined.

7. The manager looked into the matter.

a. take decision

b. investigate

c. neglect

d. ignore

e. None of these

8. I requested him to put in a word for me.

a. introduce

b. oppose

c. support

d. reconcile

e. None of these

9. As this is his first job, he will have to put up with the inconvenience.

a. endure

b. adapt

c. overcome

d. avoid

e. None of these

10. We should give a wide berth to bad characters.

a. give publicity to

b. publicly condemn

c. keep ways from

d. not sympathize with

e. None of these

11. Mr. Rahim deals in diamonds.

a. do business

b. costly

c. smuggling

d. understands

e. None of these

12. A taxi ran into the back of a bus.

a. caught up

b. passed

c. met

d. collided

e. None of these

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House Building Finance Corporation Question Solution.

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