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PUBG report | Free PUBG key| PUBG UC and BP :

This content will be a lot different from the usual, that is which I do. This content is mainly focused to save you money if you saw one that spends money in mobile games. Well, this video is for you. I’m going to show you how you can going to save some money when purchasing in-game items, skins or whatever impromptu mobile or any other mobile games that you play. Well, most of them at least.

And this one is sponsored by Amazon. So how do you save money when, for example, purchasing you see in your mobile? Well, instead of buying, you see with your money to buy them with Amazon coins. PUBG report | Free PUBG key| PUBG twitter| PUBG UC and BP

What does Amazon coins, you might ask?

Amazon coins is a digital currency where basically 100 coins equals one dollar. And with these coins, it allows you to buy Android apps and in-game items for less than what they actually cost. So by doing that, you’re actually saving money. It’s that simple.

This is available for Android phones as well as Android tablets, including five tablets. OK, so. Well, how do you get these Amazon coins? Well, to start with, you have to download something called Amazon App Store, which is like your normal place to work, but it’s called Amazon App Stores that install a play store or. It’s called Amazon Episode against you.

So basically you save everything you have in patrimonial or whatever game you want to save and save your Daulaire, delete the game, download the App Store, Amazon, Amazon, which will be linked in the description, and then download the game that you were playing and then log in with your normal account. Then you’re basically connected to name as an app store. And don’t worry, it’s very safe. You’re literally logging into account from another store. Nothing will disappear and nothing will be in their account.

Nothing will change. PUBG report | Free PUBG key| PUBG twitter| PUBG UC and BP

It will just be a bit cheaper in the Amazon so you can buy coins, which you then can going to use in the game when you want to go to play and you will buy things for cheap. And then when you’re in the game, the items and stuff will be cheaper, but you have to buy the coins first.

So I want to show you some examples. As you see right here, you want to buy 6000, you see Imparja, it costs ninety nine point ninety nine dollars, but it will only cost eighty two dollars. So you’re saving eighteen dollars. That’s quite a lot. You want to buy 3000.

You see, it usually costs forty nine point ninety nine dollars. If you’re using Amazon coins, it will cost you forty two point five dollars. This is perfect for you if you want not going to buy the royal pass or maybe the first scan ran out Ruskin’s.

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